Acquiring or selling real estate is a major life decision, one that often entails a process of many moving parts and people. Whether you’re buying, selling, or refinancing, you want to ensure that not only is the contract consistent with the agreed upon terms, but that the closing of the property’s sale or refinancing goes smoothly and fairly. At Phillips Lanier, we can provide you with the title and closing services needed to ensure that your property is bought, sold or refinanced without any claims, liens, mortgages or encumbrances that would affect title or create a claim against the property.


We are confident that you’ll appreciate the difference between dealing with a large, corporate title company and a professional law firm. Our firm can give you both real estate-related products and services and legal advice and protection during your transaction.

In addition, our team at Phillips Lanier has experience in other real estate matters such as the drafting and negotiation of purchase agreements, short sales, landlord/tenant matters, and other real estate litigation.


Deposit and disburse escrow funds.

Search for liens, encumbrances, and other matters or record.

Identify open permits issued by the county or city.

Identify any taxes due on the property.


Keep all parties informed of progress.


Respond to the lender’s requirements.

Coordinate the signing of loan/closing documents.

Prorate & adjust insurance, taxes, rents, etc.


Record the deed and loan documents.

Prepares final statement outlining funds received & to be disbursed.


Report the transaction, as required, by state and federal agencies.

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